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Sarah ELQA is a self-taught french artist born in1987 in Morocco where she grew up. She is a fashion designer during 10 years. Painting has always been a passion and she begins to show her art when she arrives in France in 2018.

For her, Art and Fashion are not really that different, both are a way to express herself. 

Descendant of the Fauvist French Painter, Maurice Devlaminck, the desire to express her emotions on canvas was obvious. Sarah finds her inspiration from her two cultures and from her different travels and people she meets .


2022        RED DOT Miami - USA (1-4 December) 


                ART EXPO New York - USA (7-10 April) 

                COPELOUZOS Museum permanent collection Athens - Greece

2021        ART EXPO New York - USA (18-20 November) 

2018        LA MAMOUNIA PALACE - Marrakech, Morocco


2017        TAJ PALACE - Marrakech, Morocco

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